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INTERFACE Exhibition

The idea for the INTERFACE exhibition came from my interest in the ways different media interfaces visually present information and how that in turn influences our understanding of it. The desire to explore the ways interfaces act as a point of communication between ourselves and our technology and to consider how other artists respond to similar concepts prompted me to propose a group exhibition at neo:artists gallery in the Market Place, Bolton.

The exhibition was jointly organised and curated by Sandra Bouguerch, Sume Leyden and myself. Opening on 30th March 2018 it featured the work of 23 national and international artists, who were invited to contribute their individual interpretations of the title theme.

All the artists responded to the invitation with tremendous enthusiasm and ingenuity. Exhibits included interactive installations, immersive video/sound pieces, futuristic animations and a virtual reality experience, as well as painting, photography and sculpture.

A 40 page catalogue, with an introduction by art historian Sara Riccardi, was published to augment the exhibition and on 20th April 2018 Sara chaired a panel discussion with four of the INTERFACE artists at a ticketed evening event at the gallery.

'Oculus' (2017) by Alastair Peat

Pigeon Post Wall (2018) by Henry/Bragg

'Sweet' (2017) by Liliana Robins

'Story 2: Scenes 1-9 by Zlatko Cosic

3D printed sculpture by Professor Keith Brown

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