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All artworks on this page are high quality giclee prints on archival paper and are issued with a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.

New Life series  1-4  (white background)

White New Life1 low res.tif
White New Life 2 low res.tif
x New Life inverted 3 low res.tif
White New Life 4 low res.tif

New Life series 1-4 - (black background)

new life 2 revised low res.tif
New Life 3 revised low res.tif
new life 4 revised low res.tif

Infinite Possibilities

A2 Infinite possibilities square

Gene Pool

A2 gene pool.jpg
SMALL WORLD  copy.jpg

A Small World

Beneath the Skin series 1-4
Beneath the Skin 1 copy.jpg
Beneath the Skin 2 copy.jpg
Beneath the Skin 3 copy.jpg
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