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Monotone and ethereal, with a mysterious, sometimes sinister appeal, the x-ray image has unique and instantly recognisable visual qualities which are directly attributable to the technology that creates it. Using spray paint on acetate, 'Fishbones' is an attempt to replicate this ghostly presence on a greatly enlarged scale (6ft x 4.5ft)

The original x-ray image was sourced from the internet and I inverted the colour for ease of viewing. I copied it onto a large squared chart using a different coloured marker pen for each shade of grey.

I copied the shapes in each colour band onto tracing paper and cut them out.Then I laid three panels of acetate over the chart and positioned the shapes on top as stencils, ending with a layer that completely covered the silhouette of the fish.

I spray painted the acetate in stages, removing a coloured layer of stencils each time to obtain the different shades of grey. On completing the picture I attached the acetate to a wooden frame for support.

Fishbones was exhibited as part of the INTERFACE exhibition at neo:gallery23 in March 2018

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