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Entomology Window Installation

While completing an MFA at the University of Bolton I had the opportunity to work with, and respond to, items from Bolton Museum and Art Gallery archives. With the help of the resident entomologist, I was able to study and photograph some of the extensive collection of beetles and other insects.

The 'Entomology Window' installation is an eight foot high, semi-transparent hanging which was positioned in front of a large window in one of the galleries. It was created to reflect the entomologist's enthusiasm and reverence for his subject and I deliberately chose colours similar to the stained glass that might be found in a church.

The hanging was created by digitally manipulating photographs of the insects and printing them out onto A4 sheets of acetate. These formed the individual panes which I joined them together with electrical tape. The resulting artwork was displayed in the Art Gallery for four weeks in April 2011.


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